23 Shillings was founded in December 2005 as a vehicle for supporting the work of the UK Ministry of Defence through traditional conflict simulation.

By 2007 the company had established a wider interest in conflict as a phenomenon going beyond the military. The clash of systems can be seen in situations as diverse as vandalism in our streets and lyme's disease in our bodies. Clashes which resolve themselves by one side successfully exploiting the vulnerabilities of the other.

In 2008-2009 we further elaborated our commercial offering by adapting our warfighting and security models to serve the purpose of peaceful conflict resolution. A step which obeyed the logic that conflicts start and end with 'politics', but which equally ensures of all the threats facing a client they can concentrate their resources on the ones which really matter.

2010 finds us sharing in the problems caused by the debt crisis. However we are acutely challenged through our clients by an environment of proliferating threats. The number of groups who aim to cause harm - be they fraudsters, novel terrorism, or evolved diseases - and who possess the means and tools to do harm has never been higher. We met both challenges head on, with confidence in our values and abilities. We invited you to do the same.

This year has found us reaping the reward of taking that initiative, with new work in defence, health, and industry. In addition to the launch of our new blog where we learn to love things going wrong.