The purpose of vetting is to ensure 23 Shillings continues to serve its clients with the qualities of adaptability, resourcefulness, and integrity that they both expect and depend upon. Our work, through our clients, literally shapes lives and we take that responsibility very seriously.

The vetting process has five stages:

Stage 1 - Informal meeting at candidate's convenience

Stage 2 - Formal interview

Stage 3 - Review of candidate CV

Stage 4 - Formal assessment project, two weeks, completed on candidate's own time

Stage 5 - Opportunity for candidate to pose questions to staff in their prospective group

It should be clear from this that we place a heavy emphasis on mutuality, and de-emphasise a traditional bureaucracy heavy approach. Candidates have found that this can be a real challenge, sometimes too much. But successful candidates can be assured they are joining an organisation of like-minded people who share common values and a drive to achieve excellence.

23 Shillings looks for the highest standards of personal quality without prejudice, and we understand the contribution diversity makes to excellent teamwork. We are therefore a proud equal opportunities employer. We are equally proud to be a registered supporter of HM Reserve Forces through SaBRE