Security capability – basic

Overheard a chap at lunch talking about how worried he was regarding the ‘threat’ posed by social media to his business. So I thought I’d remind readers of the ‘five R’s.

If you wish to be satisfied regarding threat, ensure you possess five ‘R’ capabilities:

1. Resist
2. Realise
3. React
4. Repair
5. Riposte (OK, counter-attack)

No, seriously, you don't

True fact about the seaslug: you don’t want to be a seaslug

The sea-slug has essentially NONE of these characteristics.

EDIT: rather embarrassingly I’ve given an out of date list of the 5 Rs above. I’m going to leave it extant, to remind me to double check these things.


The list should have read:

1. Resist

2. Realise

3. Repair

4. Rebalance/recover [which term you use all depends on how well you understand the principles of OSS]

5. Riposte/counter-attack [ditto]

The entire process is reaction. Rebalance/riposte is the process whereby one accepts damage to one’s own system, and changes the one uses it by emphasising different capabilities to the ones damaged. Still acheiving your goals.




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