Conflict simulation

A simulation is a dynamic representation of something happening. Typically a business will model an existing or near-future event, then manipulate decision variables to see what the outcome of planned decisions will be. This is beneficial in most circumstances, but particularly beneficial in situations of conflict, where a 'suck it and see' approach can be literally fatal.

The purpose of simulation is not to tell us what will happen, but to guide analysis, and to help the client make decisions. Acknowledging this, we employ simulation methods that are:

We categorically will not be party to the sadly all-too-common “multi-tool” mentality whereby a client has an approach foisted upon them because it makes the analyst more comfortable. Indeed, where necessary we are more than capable of working with strategic partners to tailor bespoke models from scratch.

However, while this is true, we are proud to offer a range of simulation methods that encompass many common problems, and are familiar and understood by the wider community.