23 Shillings

23 Shillings is a consultancy specialising in helping clients resolve intractable and complex problems.

We do so using a toolbox of analytical logical architectures, alongside computer simulation.

Our support is efficient, and delivered via low risk projects.

Let us help you understand your objectives, find new ways to reach them, or remove obstacles in your way.

What we offer:

1) A picture of friendly or opposing operations that is always useful, even when you don't have perfect data or understanding

2) A picture that won't become useless the moment technology or authorities change

3) A picture you can use to improve the operation or confound it

4) A picture that experts, governing bodies, and the public can all understand because it's clear, visual, and logical

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we can do to further your specific goals.

23 Shillings LTD, 1 Lancaster Place, London, WC2E 7ED.

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